The Brand: Lola

To toast our new favorite 100% cotton tampon, Lola, we needed bloody mary's. Lola is the only subscription service you need because it provides the only thing you get every month (until a certain time or a certain baby). Lola co-founders, Jordana and Alex, shared insights to starting this business and the challenges and learnings that have presented themselves since launching last summer.

The Chef: Diced

Running the kitchen was Tinsley, who was weeks away from launching Diced, a gluten-free meal delivery. Tinsley is a celiac and felt eating gluten free should be a priority, not an afterthought.  

The Pie: Taartwork

Brittany created Taartwork by taking her grandmother's recipes and remixing them. She can add your company logo and work with any size. Talk about a work of taart. 

The Pics: Lady Guns Global

Raydene is a photo editor at Time Out New York, a yoga instructor, and responsible for capturing women all the woman at The Intro, and in life in general on Lady Guns Global.