The Brand: Kit and Ace

To toast our 6 month anniversary, we teamed up with one of our favorite on the rise brands, Kit and Ace. The Vancouver-based company specializes in technical cashmere meaning a collection of basics that wear, feel and look damn good (i.e. this black turtleneck dress). Their shop on Elizabeth Street in New York held our event and features a beautiful wooden table which is yours: whether you're waiting for someone trying on or simply buying nothing and looking for peace and quiet, it's there for you.  

The Wine: One Hope Wine

One Hope Wines was started by a group of guys under the age of 25 had a storage unit with 168 cases of wine. To date, they have donated over $1.8M to charities through their wine sales. If you're going to buy wine, do it with One Hope. 

The Soup: Splendid Spoon

Have you ever tried juicing and then midway through your first day almost grabbed a stranger on the subway in fear of passing out? Yes--us too. With Splendid Spoon, you are getting the nutrients that are often not available with raw foods (they are unleashed when you cook) leaving you with vegetables, nutrients and, well, food you don't get with other juices. Oh and it was founded by a female, Nicole. 

The Dessert: Batter and Cream

Liz, founded Batter and Cream to spread the whoopie pie love. They come in all sizes and are delivered in NYC. Check them out if you're looking for a new pop-able dessert.